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Precast Box Culverts


  • Precast box culverts are available in 3 to 12 feet spans and rises.  Standard box section length is 6 to 8 feet.

  • Single and multi-barrel precast box units are available.

  • Precast headwalls and wingwalls are available for box end treatment.

  • Joints are typically tongue and groove for packing mastic joint compound, butyl gaskets or mortar to meet ASHTO M198.

  • A large assortment of fittings are available including manhole and lateral tees, elbows, wyes, reducers, battered and skewed ends, adapters, caps/plugs, etc..

  • A variety of linings and coatings are available if required by project conditions.

  • Standard ASTM C789 (AASHTO M259), C850 (AASHTO M273) and PS62 box culvert designs as well as specialized designs and geometry.

  • Special designs available for deep fills, jacking special loads, etc..


Typical Applications Include

  • All fill ranges and live load conditions
  • Open trench, embankment or trenchless installation
  • As an alternative for multi-barrel circular pipe
  • Ideal for low cover conditions with large flow
  • Good replacement for open channels and ditches
  • Storm drains and culverts
  • Short span highway bridges
  • Pedestrian, live stock, golf cart tunnels
  • Underground stormwater runoff retention
  • Groundwater recharge and sand filter systems
  • Utility tunnels

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