Precast Concrete Association of Virginia

2018 Annual Training Day
Wednesday, September 26th

8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Tuckahoe Woman’s Club
4215 Dover Rd., Richmond, VA 23221
(6 PDH Credits)

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 ($75 beginning September 13th)
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Mission Statement

The Precast Concrete Association of Virginia is dedicated to the growth of the precast concrete industry. We pursue that purpose by educating and partnering with specifiers, installers and end users on the advantages and proper utilization of our products and systems. The association will represent its members in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Precast Drainage Structure Stake Out Manual VDOT DI-3,4 Inlets

Download Manual

The Precast Concrete Association of Virginia is pleased to present the enclosed stake out methods for installing precast drainage structures. These stake out methods were developed by the producer members of the PCAV with the recommendations of the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The purpose of these stake out methods is to provide simple, accurate, and consistent instruction for installers of precast drainage structures. These stake out methods provide the information necessary for the proper alignment between centerline of precast base unit, precast top unit, and curb line. The precast producer will provide the completed "Stake Out Data Sheet" (see enclosed) to the installer. The installer will then reference the data to the pertinent stake out charts to find the proper alignment.
These stake out methods are for use in typical situations. Should there be an unusual situation, the precaster will provide special instructions.

We hope that the contents of this manual are helpful to you in understanding the stake out methods. You should remember, however, that every project involves a unique set of site conditions and circumstances. You may need to consult your project manager and/or VDOT plans and specifications to make sure that the particular method described in this manual is appropriate for the circumstances involved in your project.

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